This Week at Multiverse


Our Kaladesh magic-league is into its’ first week and we are off to a great start. There is still plenty of time to join and get your games in. I will have more packs in the shop later this week. League play can take play at any time throughout the week during regular store hours.

Tonight is movie night at Multiverse and along with our regular open gaming room I’ll be watching Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder. Come in and be Abby Normal with us.

On Tuesday; the D&D Curse of Strahd group has returned to the village of Valakai using Strahd’s carriage. This is spooked the residents of the highly insular town. Where will they head off to next? Could Castle Ravenloft be on the menu?

Wednesday brings us back to Pathfinder as Travis takes a group through an adventure path.

On Thursday I’ll be painting some War Hammer miniatures so come in and join me. We can also drop in a quick game or 2.

This Friday’s Friday Night Magic format is Modern. Entry fee is $5.00 (or $7.00 to get a booster pack). Registration begins Friday at 4:30pm. Play begins at 6:30pm

On Saturday our D&D 5e version of Temple of Elemental Evil continues. The group has just returned to Homlet from their first foray into the moat house.

Finally, on Saturday night, we return to 15th century Ukraine in Vampire the Masquerade.

This Week At Multiverse

Logo Name Only 1200x280Monday is movie night at Multiverse. At 6:30pm I’ll fire up a movie to watch as we play games and eat popcorn. (Open 4pm – 10pm)

Tuesday the Curse of Strahd Tuesday Group will continue exploring the lands of Barovia at 6:30pm. Last week they raided the treasury of the Amber Temple and discovered the Tome of Strahd to add to their growing collection of items, which includes the Sun Sword. (open 4pm – 10pm)

The Wednesday D&D group, having completed the Curse of Strahd is taking a one-month hiatus while we prepare to run Horde of the Dragon Queen with leveled up encounters so as to make a continuing campaign. (open 4pm – 10pm)

In the mean time, Travis is working on some adventure ideas for people to enjoy.

On Thursday we will running 200 point Warhammer 40k Kill Teams starting at 6:30pm on a 4×4 game table. (open 4pm – 10pm)

Friday brings us Friday Night Magic with registration starting at 4:30pm and play starting at 6:30pm. This week’s format is Pauper.

Saturday rounds out the week with a 5e version of Temple of Elemental Evil during the day and with Vampire the Masquerade in the evening, both sessions are ran by Nathan. (open 10am – midnight)

As always, our open boardgame library is open during all hours the store is open, and if you have a enough friends and want to have a CCG Tournaments our Tournaments on Demand are also available.

Stop in and play a game with us and travel the Multiverse.




Bit of a scheduling change folks. Due to us being at a good stopping point for Dragon Age we are going to switch over to Titansgrave tonight.

Our budding heroes have dealt with the Goblin biker gang terrorizing the village of Hon, and taken down a killer Janitor bot in the Electric Library in Malrath. Now we get into the Titansgrave story proper as the group heads off to the Pegasus Roadhouse looking for answers regarding the mysterious orb found in the bot.

Our gaming session starts at 6pm.

LAN Party Night


Grab your laptops, tonight is LAN Party night at Multiverse.

The store opens early today at 10am

We will be playing Fallout 4 and other single player games all day. If you have a laptop, or a console system, bring them up and join us.

LAN Party night starts at 5pm.

Once everyone arrives we will decide on what multiplayer games to play. We may start a new Civ V session or we could fire up something else. We might sneak in a game or two of Quiplash while everyone is getting setup.