This Week!

April 28th to May 2nd

Tuesday – Heroclilx Tournament – 6pm

Bring out our superheroes and come save the citizens. $1.00 entry, winner gets one item in the store equal in value to the total entries collected.

Wednesday – Pathfinder Society – 6pm

We continue our trek through the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. No entry fee.

We will also have available a beginner’s scenario for anyone wanting to try out Pathfinder Society.

Thursday – Warhammer 40k – 6pm

Bring a 550 point army and battle it out on our tables. No entry fee.

We are also getting folks ready for a Necromunda Conquest campaign. Ask in the store for more details.

In May we will be holding a painting contest.

Friday – Friday Night Magic – 6pm

Friday’s format will be Standard. Prizes will be Dragon’s of Takir booster packs, and there will be promo cards for everyone who plays.

Entry Fee is $5.00, 1 booster pack will go into the prize pool for each entry.


11am – Boardgames and Video Games.

Come play the games in our boardgame library or bring in your laptop and and enjoy our free wifi and open game room.

3pm – Afternoon Roleplaying Games

D&D 5th Edition or Shadowrun depending on who’s available and what folks are interested in.

The D&D group is looking at playing through a 5th Edition conversion of the classic adventure Castle Greyhawk!

7pm – Late Night Boardgames

Back to our open boardgame library to end out the evening. Last weekend we played Talisman, 7 Wonders, and some Cards Against Humanity.

Upcoming Events – 3/8 to 3/14


Tuesday – Heroclix Tournament (6pm)
Wednesday – Pathfinder Society – Rise of the Runelords (6pm)
Thursday – Warhammer 40k Battles (6pm)
Friday – Friday Night Magic – Modern Format (6pm)
Saturday – D&D 5th Edition (2pm); Savage Worlds – War of the Dead Week 5 (4pm); Heroclix Adventure (7pm); Late Night Boardgames (8pm)

And our Game Library and open game room are available during store hours.

TableTop Day


International TableTop Day is April 11th and Multiverse is currently working on planing an event. We would like to hear from folks regarding what sort of event and activities everyone would be interested in. There is a promotional kit that will be available for the store to order that will include some great games and other promo items, like Dead of Winter, which would be a great addition to our store gaming library. If folks would be interested in helping the store purchase this kit, run an event during TableTop day talk to us next time your in the store.