FNM Promo – January

Frenzied Goblin

Frenzied GoblinsĀ are hitting the streets this month as the January Friday Night Magic Promo.

A perfect edition for a modern format goblin deck. Tap some extra red mana to make sure your Warren Instigators get through to hit you opponent, then get out those Goblin Rabblemasters and Siege-Gang Commanders for free.

The Frenzied Goblin made it’s first appearance in 2005 with Ravnica: City of Guilds.

It was reprinted in M15 which makes it currently legal in Standard.

Journey Into Nyx – Launch Day


Friday May 2nd is Journey Into Nyx

Launch Day

Launch day will bring us two promo cards. One is the hero card “The Destined for use against the challenge decks. The Destined lowers the mana cost of all of your spells by 2 colorless. That can be great advantage in any game let alone when going up against a god like Xenagos.

The other launch day card is Dictate of the Twin Gods. This 3 colorless, 2 red mana cost enchantment, while a bit expensive for my tastes, has a lot of potential to claim victory with Flash.

For more details on Launch day events at Multiverse head over to our events page.