This Week At Multiverse

Logo Name Only 1200x280Monday is movie night at Multiverse. At 6:30pm I’ll fire up a movie to watch as we play games and eat popcorn. (Open 4pm – 10pm)

Tuesday the Curse of Strahd Tuesday Group will continue exploring the lands of Barovia at 6:30pm. Last week they raided the treasury of the Amber Temple and discovered the Tome of Strahd to add to their growing collection of items, which includes the Sun Sword. (open 4pm – 10pm)

The Wednesday D&D group, having completed the Curse of Strahd is taking a one-month hiatus while we prepare to run Horde of the Dragon Queen with leveled up encounters so as to make a continuing campaign. (open 4pm – 10pm)

In the mean time, Travis is working on some adventure ideas for people to enjoy.

On Thursday we will running 200 point Warhammer 40k Kill Teams starting at 6:30pm on a 4×4 game table. (open 4pm – 10pm)

Friday brings us Friday Night Magic with registration starting at 4:30pm and play starting at 6:30pm. This week’s format is Pauper.

Saturday rounds out the week with a 5e version of Temple of Elemental Evil during the day and with Vampire the Masquerade in the evening, both sessions are ran by Nathan. (open 10am – midnight)

As always, our open boardgame library is open during all hours the store is open, and if you have a enough friends and want to have a CCG Tournaments our Tournaments on Demand are also available.

Stop in and play a game with us and travel the Multiverse.


Coming Soon – Decks by Players for Players


Do you have a bunch of Deck idea floating around that you have never tried to put together? Would you like to make a bit of extra money that you can use to buy packs with? On Monday August 8th, Multiverse Comics & Games will be launching a new consignment program that will allow you to construct decks from the cards you have and sell them on consignment here at the shop.

Here is an example. You build a really cool pauper based Goblin deck. You download and fill out a deck list form. You set a price for the deck, let’s say $10.00. After turning in the deck we put it out for sale. When someone buys it we give you $8.00 in store credit that can be used to buy packs, enter tournaments, even just to stock up on snacks.

The deck list form and more details will be available next Monday here on our site and in the store.

First Recordings

This morning, Nathan, Sean, Devin, and myself sat down and played our first 2 games of Pandemic Legacy. We broadcasted both game sessions on Google Hangouts. We wanted test a very rough camera setup for future recording. We used the camera on my laptop as we don’t yet have a digital camera, yet. We had a lot of fun playing the game and while the quality of the recording wasn’t all that great, I will be editing the videos and getting them uploaded to the Multiverse YouTube page in the near future.

We are looking forward to recording and broadcasting more of our games from the shop. I’m shopping around for a good camera to really get us started with.

The Week Ahead

It’s the last week of 2015 and were going to run the year out in a bash.

Starting with Monday (12/28)… While we are normally closed on Monday’s I’m on vacation and working on inventory, so we will be open from 10am until 10pm. The game room will be open so come on up. If we get enough folks we could run a tournament of Magic or Force of Will.

On Tuesday (12/29)… We will be opening early, at 10am. Tuesday is LAN night so bring a laptop and your Steam library. We could fire up some multiplayer Civ V, Quiplash, or what ever folks are interested in.

For Wednesday (12/30)… We will once again open early at 10am. The Dragon Age RPG group will be meeting to see if they can find out how and why they have been pulled 15 years into a future where a 5th blight is underway. Will they seek out the old Mage Arcana, or will they join the Grey Wardens.

Thursday (12/31)… We start the day off with opening early once again at 10am. We will be working on the backroom, setting up a painting workstation where folks can come in and work on putting together and painting miniatures from Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, and more.

Later in the evening Thursday we will be kicking off our New Year’s Eve party with board games and watching the clock hit Midnight.

Friday (1/1)… Brings us 2016. Once again we will be opening early, between 10am and 11am* (depending on if I can get out of bed after the party Thursday). Friday also brings us Friday Night Magic. The format will be Standard. I’d also like everyone to bring a Standard Pauper deck along with their Standard deck. We may run a side event with Standard Pauper.