Warhammer 40K New Edition

A new edition of Warhammer 40k is on its way. Games Workshop has been putting out a series of posts detailing new aspects of the game. I’ve gathered links to those posts here.

New Edition Anouncement
The Galaxy Map
Three Ways to Play
Unit Profiles
Psychic Phase
Shooting Phase
Charge Phase
Fight Phase
Your questions answered
Watch the New Teaser Now

Gangs of Commorragh

Gangs of Commorragh allows you to recreate the violent skirmish battles for territorial supremacy that are waged constantly in the spires of the Dark City. Take charge of a feral gang of Hellion skyboarders, or a pack of lethal Reavers and carve out your empire in the webway’s last great city.

The box is an entirely self-contained game, giving you everything you need to play, including two gangs, rules and card scenery to recreate the jagged towers of Commorraggah’s forbidding skyline.

You can play quick one-off games, or a full campaign in which your gang will grow and develop as you win battles and claim more territory.

All in, Gangs of Commorragh is looking pretty exciting, and we’ll have more news about this new box game very soon.

Until then, watch the skies…

Zombie Guard!



The hive world of Necromunda has become infected with the living dead!

Each player will build a 5 member gang following build rules of the Necromunda Community Edition Rulebook.

Event buy in is the purchase of one squad of Warhammer 40k miniatures (between $25 and $40 in value)

We will build and paint the squads at the shop during each Thursday.

 Then on Thursday January 29th at 6pm the battle will begin.

Each zombie killed by a team will earn 1 point. The team with the highest zombie kill total at 8pm will win a copy of the boxed edition of the Warhammer 40k 7th edition rules.

60040199041_40kStandardEdition01 60040199041_40kStandardEdition02