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    Starting this weekend I will be playtesting another game for Plaid Hat Games called SeaFall, it is scheduled to end September 7th. It is a “legacy” game, which basically means that it’s an ongoing campaign played over several sessions where the board and components continue to change depending on what is accomplished in previous games…see Risk Legacy.
    This game has already been announced, and I did not need to sign an NDA.
    So, basically, I’m looking for 3 to 5 players who can commit to several plays (15 for the maximum experience). If you’re thinking to yourself, “15?! Ugh, I’d like to play, but that’s a bit excessive,” then what’s most important is maintaining the same number of players throughout the test, so we’d just need to find a substitute for you. On my end, I’m planning on stopping by the shop not only on Saturdays, but also during the week if we’d like to schedule a game or two at those times too.

    Alright, I’d better get the files together to print tomorrow…mmmm, so much ink and paper.


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    Stephen Jacobs

    That one was rather difficult to understand. I’m still looking at it at home, wondering how it can be improved. Have they said anything in the playtest forums regarding it?

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