Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild


We won’t be playing our Regularly scheduled D&D Adventurers League game this Saturday at 2pm because our DM won’t be available.

We will however be playing our first sessions of Pazio’s new Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild

 Season of the Shackles.

So bring your Character Decks and lets get our Pirate on!

We will resume our regularly scheduled D&D game the following week.


More Information about this new exciting organized play network after the fold.

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Fight for the Hive


Tonight it begins!!!

We will go over the rules for gang creation and carve out our initial territories.

Necromunda is a Warhammer 40k skirmish game that centers on gang warfare among a Hive world.

Originally published in 1995 by Specialist Games (a Division of Games Workshop) Necromunda is currently out of print.

However it is still a great introduction to the Warhammer 40k universe and  is a stepping stone to full on 40k warfare.

Come join us for our first official Miniatures night at Multiverse!