Friday Night Magic Schedule – November 2017

November is almost upon us so here is the Friday Night Magic schedule for the month.

November 3rd – Modern
November 10th – Legacy
November 17th – Modern
November 24th – Booster Draft

Registration for each Friday Night Magic event begins at 5 pm. Play begins at 6:30 pm. Entry fee is $6.00 for modern and legacy events and $15.00 for booster draft.

Amonkhet Booster Draft

This week’s Friday Night Magic is booster draft! Come out and play with the new Amonkhet set. Entry fee is $15.00
Prizes are 1 pack per match win with 1st place receiving 1 additional booster pack. We also have Release week Promos available for everyone who participates. And remember, this counts towards one of the trials on the card you received during the pre-release.