Car Wars Classic


Boardgame Geek did a quick interview with Peter of Steve Jackson Games at GenCon 2014 in August detailing the opening of the upcoming Car Wars Classic Box. Multiverse will be getting these in stock very soon and then we will be adding a Car Wars dueling campaign to our Thursday miniatures line up. Don’t forget to check out some of Boardgame Geek’s other GenCon 2014 videos.

Drive Offensively

Carwars CAR WARS RETURNS! Back in the late 80’s a great fiend of mine introduced me to this game that came in a small plastic box with a lot of card stock counters that you had to cut apart. It was fast paced and full of action that brought together demolition derby races with the blood and weapons of Mad Max. Set in Post-Blight America, it was world where the roads were owned by the guy with the biggest guns and fastest wheels.

Steve Jackson Games discontinued Car Wars in the 90’s but it’s fan base continued to grow. When the Ogre Designer’s Edition hit Kickstarter one of the stretch goals was a promise to bring Car Wars into publication and to update the rules for today’s gamer.

News today from the Daily Illuminator brings great news to Car Wars fans. Scott Haring has returned to Steve Jackson Games and will lead the charge in bringing this great game back. Even more great news, Scott tells us that Car Wars Classic and Mini Car Wars will both be relaunched later this year!!!!

Multiverse has a PDF copy of CAR WARS Compendium which I bought from Warehouse 23. Come up and try your hand at Amateur Night at the Multiverse Autoduling Arena!