Boardgame Spotlight – Kingsburg


Last weekend Nathan introduced us to the Fantasy Flight game “Kingsburg” and it’s expansion “To Forge a Realm“.

Kingsburg is a quick to learn, family friendly game of kingdom building, resource allocation, and defeating monsters to collect victory points.

Over the course of 5 game years you will use your dice each season to influence various nobles and merchants through out the kingdom to collect resources. You then use those resources to build structures in your village, such as an Inn or Stables. The buildings give you bonuses that you can then use to defeat the group of monsters that will come and attack your town at the end of each year. The process then repeats each year until you get to the end of year 5. After the last group of monsters is dealt with the person with the most victory points wins the game!

IMG_20150814_151705 IMG_20150814_151709

Kingsburg can be played by 2 to 5 players and each game last about an hour to 2 hours, mostly depending on the number of players. We’ve only played a few games so far but we have definitely come to enjoy Kinsburg and we have added a copy of it to our open gaming library here at Multiverse. Come in and try the game yourself, bring the family and we can sit down and teach you how to play rather quickly. If you like the game as much as we do we can order you a copy to add to your own game library at home.

The expansion box, To Forge a Realm actually consists of several modular expansions that you can pick and choose from to alter the game in various ways, from adding extra buildings to adding governors, and much more.

Kingsburg is $49.95 and it’s expansion To Forge a Realm is $29.95.IMG_20150814_151653