Saturday Standard Standings 2/18/17

Unfortunately folks, we only had 6 players for Standard on Saturday, and after reporting the results I didn’t get a snapshot of the final standings. When I went back this evening to get them and post them I found that the event reporter doesn’t maintain the standings on casual events like it does for sanctioned events. I’ll make sure to grab them next week.

This Week at Multiverse


Our Kaladesh magic-league is into its’ first week and we are off to a great start. There is still plenty of time to join and get your games in. I will have more packs in the shop later this week. League play can take play at any time throughout the week during regular store hours.

Tonight is movie night at Multiverse and along with our regular open gaming room I’ll be watching Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder. Come in and be Abby Normal with us.

On Tuesday; the D&D Curse of Strahd group has returned to the village of Valakai using Strahd’s carriage. This is spooked the residents of the highly insular town. Where will they head off to next? Could Castle Ravenloft be on the menu?

Wednesday brings us back to Pathfinder as Travis takes a group through an adventure path.

On Thursday I’ll be painting some War Hammer miniatures so come in and join me. We can also drop in a quick game or 2.

This Friday’s Friday Night Magic format is Modern. Entry fee is $5.00 (or $7.00 to get a booster pack). Registration begins Friday at 4:30pm. Play begins at 6:30pm

On Saturday our D&D 5e version of Temple of Elemental Evil continues. The group has just returned to Homlet from their first foray into the moat house.

Finally, on Saturday night, we return to 15th century Ukraine in Vampire the Masquerade.

Standard Pauper

Welcome to the day after Christmas!

Did the Christmas Dragon let you have everything you wanted from his treasure horde?

Since Friday was Christmas we didn’t run our regular Friday Night Magic. So we are running it tonight, but with a twist!

At 6pm Multiverse will be hosting a Standard Pauper format tournament.

What is Standard Pauper?

Standard Pauper follows all of the normal rules of the Standard Magic format, with one major difference.

All of the cards in your deck must be of common rarity.  This limits the power of the decks and opens the playing field to those that may  have more limited resources to build decks with.

If you don’t have a Standard Pauper deck, bring your cards up to the store early and we will work on helping you build a deck that you can use for the tournament.

Entry is $5.00 and our standard prize rules will apply.

Registration will start at 5pm and play will begin at approximately 6pm. If you want to join us but will be running late give us a call or post a message to us on Facebook.

Friday Night Magic Format Change


Next week brings to Multiverse the Pre-release event for last Core set – Origins

Since this would mean that we would be playing Standard format 2 weeks in a row, we are going to trade formats this month.

This means that this Friday, July 3rd, the format for Friday Night Magic will be Modern.

Next week, Friday, July 10th the format will be Standard

The following week we will return to our regular format schedule with Legacy on Friday 17th.