Standard Pauper

Welcome to the day after Christmas!

Did the Christmas Dragon let you have everything you wanted from his treasure horde?

Since Friday was Christmas we didn’t run our regular Friday Night Magic. So we are running it tonight, but with a twist!

At 6pm Multiverse will be hosting a Standard Pauper format tournament.

What is Standard Pauper?

Standard Pauper follows all of the normal rules of the Standard Magic format, with one major difference.

All of the cards in your deck must be of common rarity.  This limits the power of the decks and opens the playing field to those that may  have more limited resources to build decks with.

If you don’t have a Standard Pauper deck, bring your cards up to the store early and we will work on helping you build a deck that you can use for the tournament.

Entry is $5.00 and our standard prize rules will apply.

Registration will start at 5pm and play will begin at approximately 6pm. If you want to join us but will be running late give us a call or post a message to us on Facebook.