Widow’s Walk


The house on the hill has a wicked reputation. Those who dare to darken its door often leave steeped in madness and despair—if they leave at all.

Now the horror reaches new heights with Widow’s Walk—the first-ever expansion for the critically acclaimed board game Betrayal at House on the Hill. The house is expanded with the addition of 20 new rooms, including the roof, a previously unexplored floor. Also in its halls you will find new monsters, items, omens, events, and 50 brand-new haunts, penned by lead developer Mike Selinker’s all-star cast of contributors from the world of gaming and entertainment. In Widow’s Walk, terror and panic are taken to a whole new level.

Enter if you dare. Exit if you can.

This awesome expansion is now available at Multiverse for $24.99

T.I.M.E. Stories: Expedition: Endurance


The pods are getting warmed up and you’re being called to the briefing room. Better take a coat this time because you’re heading to 1914 Antartica!

Read the excerpt below from Asmodee’s website! Head over to our online store to pre-order your copy today!

1914 NT: What really happened to the crew of the Expedition and their Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition?

You’ve never been on a run like this before… Time has burped and buckled around the year 1914 and the Expedition’s trans-Arctic expedition. History says the expedition failed, but history is rapidly changing, and if you don’t repair this temporal rift, history—and your reality—may fall apart completely.

In the Expedition: Endurance expansion for T.I.M.E Stories, when Bob gives you the mission, he appears as stressed as he’s ever been. “Alright kiddos,” he begins, “I won’t hide that the situation is dire.” He goes on to label the anomaly as one of “the worst sort.”

Meanwhile, Sam and Laura are conspicuously absent. It’s clear that tensions are running high. The office isn’t functioning at one-hundred percent. And to top it off, Bob suspects the intervention of supernatural forces…

From the moment you shift consciousness from your body in its caisson to your receptacle in the frozen interior of the Expedition, you’ll notice two things above all else:

First, you’ll find yourself surrounded by death. Things are cleary not what they were meant to be. History has unraveled to a profound and disturbing degree. And while the Antarctic cold begins numbing your extremities, you’ll recognize the need to solve this mystery quickly. The stakes are clearly life and death.

Second, you’ll feel your dread gnawing at you. Whether it’s the cold or the death or something else entirely, you’ll find that there’s something about this specific mission that is truly and deeply unsettling. Accordingly, all the receptacles of Expedition: Endurance come with a measure of Sanity, and you can expect this Sanity to be strained and tested, even as you deal with the physical challenges of life in a setting where the temperature can plunge as low as forty-five degrees below zero.

The Gunslinger – Pathfinder Character Class


One of my favorite Pathfinder character classes is oddly enough, the Gunslinger. It brings back memories of watching episodes of Maverick with James Garner. Outgoing mystery man with a penchant for games of chance. Slow to violence, but more than capable with a gun when the need arises. Maverick would use his wits and charm to get what he needed and only resorted to the gun when the hand he was dealt left him with no other options.

The gunslinger class is an odd fit for most high fantasy campaigns that include all sorts of magic and non-human races. Paizo’s world of Golarian was written to take the gunslinger into account, but they would be woefully out of place in the Forgotten Realms or Greyhawk. Mathew Mercer has done an excellent job of weaving the Gunslinger Percy into the world of Critical Role. If your homebrew campaign lends itself more toward steampunk the gunslinger class may be a good fit as an option.

In Pathfinder the class can be a bit on the weak side at lower levels. I found that once I had hit about 6th level I was able to keep up quite well. As with most characters. If you want to know more about how to make a great gunslinger I highly recommend Surpassing even The Boss: N. Jolly’s guide to the Pathfinder Gunslinger. His series of guidebooks are on my must read list.

Curse of Strahd


While exploring the freezing chambers of the Amber Temple several of the group’s members have taken on some unusual gifts. Chris has grown a set of bony wings with black feathers. He has also developed an odd appetite for bones. The wings have given him the ability to fly.

Upon leaving the room that granted the party these dark gifts, Chris went to try to feast on the bones of the three witches that they had killed earlier in the day. This led to the paladin, Gary, attacking Chris for defiling the corpse and apparently turning to cannibalism. The group managed to end the fight by Chris agreeing to be manacled.

As the group moved on back toward the main chamber the came across a robed man, kneeling and praying. The learned that the man was Rahdin, Chamberlin for Lord Strahd von Zarovich. Words were exchanged and for a moment it seemed that there would be a fight. Rahdin summoned the black carriage and invited the group to accept his masters invitation to meet him at Castle Ravenloft. They accepted with one condition, a stop in Valakai.

Upon returning to Valakai, their appearance, riding in Strahd’s carriage started the townsfolk. Alarms rang out, but after talking to Father Lucian the group was able to convince the guards to allow them to make a short visit.

They collected from grave dirt for Chris to consume and collected some gear. Now they are poised to head out again, this time for Castle Ravenloft itself.

This Week at Multiverse


Our Kaladesh magic-league is into its’ first week and we are off to a great start. There is still plenty of time to join and get your games in. I will have more packs in the shop later this week. League play can take play at any time throughout the week during regular store hours.

Tonight is movie night at Multiverse and along with our regular open gaming room I’ll be watching Young Frankenstein with Gene Wilder. Come in and be Abby Normal with us.

On Tuesday; the D&D Curse of Strahd group has returned to the village of Valakai using Strahd’s carriage. This is spooked the residents of the highly insular town. Where will they head off to next? Could Castle Ravenloft be on the menu?

Wednesday brings us back to Pathfinder as Travis takes a group through an adventure path.

On Thursday I’ll be painting some War Hammer miniatures so come in and join me. We can also drop in a quick game or 2.

This Friday’s Friday Night Magic format is Modern. Entry fee is $5.00 (or $7.00 to get a booster pack). Registration begins Friday at 4:30pm. Play begins at 6:30pm

On Saturday our D&D 5e version of Temple of Elemental Evil continues. The group has just returned to Homlet from their first foray into the moat house.

Finally, on Saturday night, we return to 15th century Ukraine in Vampire the Masquerade.