Saturday – Standard Showdown

This Saturday at 6:00 pm, Multiverse will hold the first of this seasons Standard Showdowns!

Entry fee is Free! The winner of the tournament will receive a Standard Showdown booster pack!

Each following Saturday the Standard Showdown tournaments will continue, with players earning Showdown points each week until the end of the season and the Store Championship!

Friday Night Magic – Modern

Is it Friday Night Yet?

This week’s format for Friday Night Magic is Modern! Entry fee is $6.00. Registration begins at 5:30pm with play starting at 6:30pm.

Each Match win will earn you 1 Multiverse Tournament Coin valid for either 1 current set booster pack or $3.00 in Store Credit. The 1st place winner at the end of the tournament will recieve 1 additional coin.

We will also be video recording the final matach.

Hour of Devestation League play also continues so feel free to grab some games before the tournament and between rounds.

Amonkhet Pre-Release Saturday April 22nd 4pm

The Amonkhet pre-release is coming up fast. We will have 35 spots available. Packs will be handed out shortly after 4pm on Saturday the 22nd. You will then build a 40 card deck. First pairings will start around 5pm.

Entry fee will be $25.00 per person.
We are asking everyone to sign up and pay in advance.
Stop in the store and join the fun.

Any unsold pre-release packs WILL NOT be available for purchase the day of the event. They will be held until release day the following week.

If you would like to pre-order a booster box, please order them as soon as possible. The cost is $100.00 + tax and must be paid in advance.