Dungeon Draft

Designed by industry legend Justin Gary, Dungeon Draft is a fast paced, strategic drafting game. Take that epic card before your opponent gets it first.

Over the course of multiple rounds, players will draft heroes and weapons and use them to defeat monsters and complete quests in an effort to earn the most victory points. Like with any good drafting game the choice between helping yourself or hindering an opponent is always in play.

200 cards
Gameplay tokens

Price $24.99
Coming in August 2017

Multiverse Events

This week at Multiverse Comics & Games…

Monday (2/20) – The Return of Movie Night! 6PM, This time we while we are watching a movie we will be playing boardgames. How about some Legendary Firefly while we watch Serenity?

Tuesday (2/21) – Call of Chathulu 7th Ed RPG 6:30 pm – Our team of investigators are now dealing with the aftermath their first significant fight, having come up against the Cult of the Bloody Tounge in a New York City basement. It left the group of 3 down by 2 as both Milo and Dresden lay unconscious, and the Professor struggling to keep the remaining cultists subdued.

Wednesday (2/22) – D&D 5E – Dragon’s Rest 7pm – Having retrieved 3 of the cinder gems, the party has once again return to the floating island that Udras, the god of Neutrality calls home. After sleeping off a nasty fight with a Death Tyrant that was menacing a primitive human tribal village somewhere in Arcadia’s past, the group camped out for a much-needed rest. What will be their next gift and where will they go next as they continue to travel through the Chronolilly?

Friday (2/24) – Friday Night Magic 6:30pm – Friday’s Magic format will be Frontier once again. Entry fee is $5.00 with an option for $7.00 which will also get you 1 booster pack. The Frontier format is M15 to current, with no ban list. For some tips and tricks on deck building check out this Facebook Group.

Saturday (2/25) – Saturday Standard 4pm – Saturday afternoon brings us a Standard format Magic tournament. Entry fee is $5.00 with an option for $7.00 which will also get you 1 booster pack.

Every day during open hours – Our Open gaming library of games are available free to play in the store. Start a family game night and we’ll help you get started with a host of cool games.