This week at Multiverse

May 10th to May 16th

Tuesday – Heroclilx Tournament – 6pm

Bring out our superheroes and come save the citizens. $1.00 entry, winner gets one item in the store equal in value to the total entries collected.

Wednesday – Pathfinder Society – 6pm

We continue our trek through the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. No entry fee.

We will also have available a beginner’s scenario for anyone wanting to try out Pathfinder Society.

Thursday – Warhammer 40k – 6pm

Bring a 550 point army and battle it out on our tables. No entry fee.

We are also getting folks ready for a Necromunda Conquest campaign. Ask in the store for more details.

May Painting Contest Kickoff!

Friday – Friday Night Magic – 6pm

Friday’s format will be Legacy.

Prizes will be Dragon’s of Takir booster packs, and there will be promo cards for everyone who plays.

Entry Fee is $5.00, 1 booster pack will go into the prize pool for each entry.


11am – Boardgames and Video Games.

Come play the games in our boardgame library or bring in your laptop and and enjoy our free wifi and open game room.

3pm – Afternoon Roleplaying Games

D&D 5th Edition or Shadowrun depending on who’s available and what folks are interested in.

The D&D group is looking at playing through a 5th Edition conversion of the classic adventure Castle Greyhawk!

7pm – Late Night Boardgames

Back to our open boardgame library to end out the evening.

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