Vivarium is a new species of boardgame that blends dynamic deck-building with traditional board based mechanics. Players begin the games as 1 of 8 species struggling for survival in a new environment. Equipped with just your instincts and fears you must utilize your species’ unique abilities and adapt in order survive. As a bear you might lumber around the map seeking to pressure other species out of your territory due to your sheer size, as an eagle you might avoid conflict wherever possible and build nests in the mountains, as an anaconda you might stick to the swamps and wait for your time to strike and as a human you might learn so that your intelligence can bring you dominance.

Vivarium has immense replay value, smooth mechanics drawn from natural phenomenon and each game creates a unique and compelling story layered with strategy. By generating resources through deck building mechanics and spending these resources to reproduce, claim territory, complete objectives and adapt your species for survival you can follow one of many paths to making your species dominant in this new environment. Welcome to the world of Vivarium!

192 Cards
177 Double sided tokens
19 Double sided map tiles
10 Storage bags
8 Player boards with dials
1 Fitness track
1 Season dial
1 Initiative token
1 Rule book

Pre-order by January 9th by stopping into Multiverse Comics & Games. Releases January 27th.

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